18mm Engineered Hardwood

18mm engineered wood flooring is one of the most popular types of solid wood alternative in the UK today. It is made up of a top layer of real wood (usually oak, walnut, larch, or acacia wood), and multiple layers of plywood or fibre board bonded underneath for added stability and durability. The total thickness of each plank is 18mm, making it one of the thickest engineered wood boards available.

With its multi-layered core, engineered wood flooring is more resilient when the humidity changes. Wood naturally absorbs moisture, which causes it to swell. Equally, when humidity drops, the moisture evaporates and the wood shrinks. The construction of engineered boards limits this movement as conditions change ensuring greater stability throughout the floor. This makes it an ideal choice e.g. Under Floor Heating.The bond on an 18mm engineered wood flooring plank is so tight that movement is virtually impossible. Even when exposed to high heats (such as with underfloor heating or direct sunlight, for example), or excessive moisture in kitchens or bathrooms, there is unlikely to be any movement, shifting, or warping of the boards. This is, of course, one of the biggest advantages of engineered wood over solid wood.

Why engineered wood flooring? Well, it has all the natural beauty of a solid wood floor, without many of the drawbacks, and is stable, durable and easy to work with.

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