Flooring Accessories

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Flooring Accessories 

Are you looking for a wide range of flooring accessories at competitive prices. At Floorstore, we offer a wide range of flooring accessories including door bars, edging and underlay etc. For more information please contact us.
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Do you need any extra door bars for thresholds?

Here at Floorstore you can purchase flat, ramp or edging bars.
The colours for each bar are silver, gold, oak and walnut.
Each comes in a 3ft or 9ft length.

3ft=£10 and 9ft=£25

white coloured flooring

5 types of bars include:

  • Stick Down Trim Edge 8mm
  • Stick Down Trim Edge 14mm
  • Stick Down Ramp Edge 8mm
  • Stick Down Ramp Edge 14mm
  • Stick Down Coverstrip Flat

For more information on our flooring accessories, visit your local Floorstore, shop online or call us on the details below:
Ayr: 01292 289 000
Blantyre: 01698 825 287

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